Monday, April 9, 2012

School Work

So in my RL I go to school - yes as much as I am online you would think I wouldnt go to school at all xD Anyway, I had an english project to complete 5 poems, and I thought it would be nice to share them with you all, so here they are ;)

The Taste Of Spring Is Musical:

Oh, the taste of spring is musical
The small dainty flowers blooming softly
My shoes crunch softly on the crytal melting snow
Small speckles of lime green grass appearing
Perhaps I am dellusional
But oh how the taste of spring is musical

Drip, Drap, Drop,  moisture in the air
So thick and scented, tasting like nature
Puddles full of sunshine
Reflecting my smile
Autumn leaves swept away
Dancing in my Auburn hair
Oh, the taste of spring is musical

Tweet, Twiddle, DiddlyDeet
Birds fly around gracefully
 Like silky flower petals in the wind
Singing their sweet, silly songs
About love, hope and faith
Bright colours painted across their wings
Their melodic voices making me feel as light as a fluffy cloud
Oh, the taste of spring is musical

I sing along with the little birdies
Eyes staring like a cat hunting its prey
At the tiny rainbow butterflies
Dipping and swirling, spinning and twirling
As graceful as ballet dancers
The cherry blossom trees sway in the breeze
My eyes mesmorized by its movement
The clouds float peacefully through the sky
Assorted shapes forming
behind a rainbow of solitude
Oh how the taste of spring is musical.

Im only showing one for now, but more might come ;)

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Well, ive been very very busy this year, cant believe Im almost finished high school, only one year left o.o, but ive decided to join 2 competitions, one by the lovely Fel, called Solid Gold, and another by the amazing JK, with Canvas!

Solid Gold is an 80's inspired competition where we are given a music video that we have to interpret, and make a lovely photo about, the first assignment used the song 'Material Girl,' by the famous Madonna, I got 2nd place, this being my photo:

And the second assignment which I handed in today, was based on the song 'CentreFold' which I interpreted of a high school boy crushing on his teacher, Ill update on my placing when we get scores :)

Canvas is a really had competition by the looks, and I got my friend, Lillyanrosie to join (Woop) So we can do it together! The first assignment was essentially 'Splash Of Colour' As it is based on art, and this is my assignment:

Sorta scared considering Im up against people like Evie, Beech, Bliss etc. But we shall see how I go, Im quite proud of it, although I see a few flaws >< Ill update scores and placings later!

Now, I joined a site called Portvale, and this was a long long time ago, but it is by far the AMAZINGest thing ever, Ive met so many new people, and dont know what I would do knowing that I would have never had the opportunity to get to know them so well, I have 3 characters, my favorite being Savannah Lawson, a childish hippie witch..of sorts:

Then I have Callum, who is a psychologist, a bit of an ass considering he was once in the army, although I havent really played him yet, need to get on that xD

And then there is Bailey, who is quite a sporty girl, she is from Jordan, Egypt, and is quite competitive, a total daredevil if you ask me, I need to also get her out more as well as she is the newest of all my characters!

Thats all for now, Im sorry I havent updated in so long, but I hope this is a satisfying length of writing and pictures for you to read/stare at haha, Ill talk to you guys later

Byee xx

P.s Bailey as an 80s girl ;) :

Horsey ~